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At Swaps Monitor, we love a difficult challenge. Fascinated by the financial markets, we began investigating the complexities of interest rate swaps in 1987. Our biweekly newsletter, Swaps Monitor, was the first trade publication to specialize in this market and covered every aspect of the industry, from trading strategies and product innovations to accounting and capital requirements.

Since 1992, we have dedicated ourselves to mastering the mechanics and dynamics of calendars, and eventually we phased out the newsletter. Over time, we’ve enhanced our offerings and grown our team. From a niche publication to a suite of digital products, from a single office to a global enterprise.

While the size and scope of our business have changed, our standards have not. We continue to vigilantly source and verify our data and offer around-the-clock customer support. Today, Swaps Monitor is the world’s most reliable reference for information about market holidays, trading hours, expiry dates, time zones, and economic events.

Our History

Since publishing our first newsletter in 1987, Swaps Monitor has celebrated a number of important milestones — and we look forward to enjoying many more.

July 1987

We found Swaps Monitor, opening our headquarters in New York City.

October 1987

The inaugural issue of Swaps Monitor, the first trade publication focused on the interest rate swap market, goes to press.

March 1992

We print our first edition of holiday data, tracking the opening and closing dates of 15 financial centers over an 11-year window of time.

December 1992

Our holidays product goes digital using the latest technology — the floppy disk.

February 1994

We add our 100th center (Vienna Bank Holidays) and continue to expand the window of time we cover.

May 2000

The last edition of Swaps Monitor goes to press. We decide to discontinue the newsletter, refund all our subscribers and concentrate exclusively on our (growing) data business.

July 2000

We launch trading hours and time zones data, enhancing our suite of products.

Learn about them (Trading hours & Timezones).

August 2000

The New York Times profiles Swaps Monitor in its business section.

Read about it.

August 2003

Expiry dates become available as our fourth product.

Learn about it.

June 2006

Swaps Monitor opens a second office in London.

January 2014

Our global expansion continues when we open our third office in New Delhi.

August 2015

Economic events join our growing product suite.

Learn about it.

August 2019

The New Delhi office moves to larger premises.

April 2020

We publish our 2,000th Trading Hours market.

April 2021

We publish our 1,000th Expiry Dates contract.

September 2022

The London office moves to larger premises.

September 2023

We open our fourth office in Manila.

February 2024

Our London office moves to Canary Wharf.

April 2024

We rebrand from Financial Calendar to Swaps Monitor.
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