Pay Only for
What you Need.

At Swaps Monitor, we know that having too much data is just as bad as not having enough. That’s why we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all licensing agreements with fixed data packages.

Our flexible licensing model ensures that you receive only the information you need — nothing more.
The cost will depend on three factors:

The number of financial centers

The window of time

The number of locations that use our data

You can customize each of these factors to suit your specifications. Need one month of forward-looking data for 10 centers for your New York office and 100 years for 1,000 centers for Hong Kong? No problem.

After an initial consultation, we’ll be able to suggest an optimal licensing agreement that fits your firm’s requirements.

No matter the size of your licensing agreement, you are guaranteed:

Outstanding data

Immediate updates

Dedicated customer support from our in-house team

Choice of file formats and delivery methods

Hassle-free contract modifications

Ability to cancel at any time

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