Swaps Monitor

This is who we are. We succeed only if we live and breathe this every day.

Our Mission is to provide the most accurate, timely and reliable data humanly possible.

Our Philosophy is that if we take pride in our data and provide outstanding products, good things will follow.

Our Style is to maintain a fluid operational structure to facilitate continuous, brick-by-brick improvements.

Our Aspiration is to be viewed, by all who interact with us, as upholding the highest standards in everything we do.


We seek to promote a congenial, calm collaborative and transparent work environment of continual improvement; where thinking, learning and the sharing of knowledge are encouraged and valued; where a diverse workforce is vital and celebrated; where employees enjoy a good work-life balance, are treated fairly and with respect, and are unhindered by politics or bureaucracy; where mistakes are learning opportunities; where dissenting views are welcomed; and where outstanding customer service and the accuracy, timeliness and reliability of our data are paramount.


We want to help our customers operate more efficiently by providing data that is prepared to the highest standards of accuracy, reliability and timeliness and that is supported in the most prompt, helpful and knowledgeable manner. We are as flexible as reasonably possible. Customers should never be surprised, except pleasantly. We aspire to be every customer's best vendor.


We aim to be prepared, knowledgeable and courteous when interacting with our sources. We should always ask good questions and be respectful of the source's time.