Expiry Dates


Never miss a deadline.

Every date associated with futures and options expiries.

We cover over 1,300 futures and options contracts at over 65 exchanges.

Our Expiry Dates product can be customized to your specifications. Like all Swaps Monitor’s products, it’s built on the best possible data and includes immediate updates and unlimited customer support from in-house experts.

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Product Features

  • Last trading days
  • Delivery and notice days
  • Safe-to-trade dates
  • Spot month position limit dates
  • All times presented in the time zone of your choice
  • Immediate updates
  • Adjusted for holidays and early closes
  • Flexible file formats and delivery methods

“Much appreciated for your quick attention and detailed reply.”

- Swaps Monitor Customer


Unrivaled Accuracy

Over 70% of our resources are devoted to research.


Last trading days, notice days, delivery days—everything is covered.


We've been doing this since 2003.

Exceptional Support

Our experts quickly verify dates, help with mappings and answer technical questions.

No Last-Minute Surprises

Never miss a deadline or get forced to take delivery.

Easy Implementation

Simple and logical organization of data.

Flexible Licensing Arrangements

Pay only for the data you need. Cancel at any time. Usage rights that are tailored to the way you operate.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

We get it right the first time to save you the cost of unnecessary changes.

Programming Certainty

We will never, ever change your data format. Unless you ask us.


We obsess about accuracy so you don’t have to.


Historical data often going back decades.

Additional Resources

What if I need a contract that you do not cover?

We will develop the necessary data for you.

Do you only provide the last trade date?

No. We deliver all expiration-related events, such as first notice days, last delivery days, etc.

Do you have historical data?

Yes, we have extensive history, going back as far as the 1990s for some events.

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