Exceptional data
for exceptional clients.

Anticipate when the markets or activities you care about will be open or closed.

Unrivaled Accuracy

Over 70% of our resources are devoted to research.

Exceptional Support

Our experts quickly verify dates, help with mappings and answer technical questions.

Easy Implementation

Simple and logical organization of data.

Flexible Licensing Arrangements

Pay only for the data you need. Cancel at any time. Usage rights that are tailored to the way you operate.


We obsess about accuracy so you don't have to.


Everywhere you do business, we've got you covered.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

We get it right the first time to save you the cost of unnecessary changes.

Programming Certainty

We will never, ever change your data format. Unless you ask us to.

Network Benefits

Use the data trusted by virtually every major financial firm in the world.

Customized Calendars

We can create calendars to your precise specifications and personal to your firm.

Optimize Your Trading Resources

The best trades and the best software should use the best data.


Historical data often going back decades.


We've been doing this since 1992.

No Last Minute Surprises

Never miss a deadline or be forced to take delivery.

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“Thank you for the fantastic turnaround. Among service providers, you are clearly head and shoulders above everyone else. It has truly been a pleasure.”

- Swaps Monitor Customer

Data that fits your needs

Use our data to track the features of global financial market operations that matter to you.


Bank holidays, currency value dates, exchange trading and settlement days, plus much more.

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Trading Hours

Open and close times for stock exchanges, futures contracts and more.

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Economic Events

Market-moving activities including central bank monetary policy announcements, government bond auctions and statistical releases.

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Expiry Dates

Expiration and other dates for energy, agriculture, equity, interest rate and other futures and options.

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Time Zones

Daylight savings and other clock change dates around the world.

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