Correctly anticipate future holidays.

Monitor when the markets that matter are open and closed.

We project holidays for over 1,800 financial centers in over 230 countries until the year 2250.

Our Holidays product is customized to your specifications. Like all Swaps Monitor’s products, it’s built on the best possible data and includes immediate updates and unlimited customer support from in-house experts.

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Holiday Types

  • Bank holidays
  • Commodity price assessment dates
  • Currency value dates
  • Derivatives exchange holidays
  • Electricity markets
  • Government bond auctions
  • Index rebalancings
  • Interest rate fixings
  • ISDA holidays
  • Payment system holidays
  • Stock exchange settlement holidays
  • Stock exchange trading holidays
  • Futures clearing and settlement holidays

Product Features

  • Event-driven, immediate updates
  • Email alerts for imminent changes
  • MIC and other filters
  • Extensive history
  • Flexible file formats and delivery methods

I knew you would have the answer to this question. Thanks for always being on top of your game!”

- Swaps Monitor Customer


Unrivaled Accuracy

Over 70% of our resources are devoted to research.


Everywhere you do business, we've got you covered.


We've been doing this since 1992.

Exceptional Support

Our experts quickly verify dates, help with mappings and answer technical questions.

Easy Implementation

Simple and logical organization of data.

Network Benefits

Use the data trusted by virtually every major financial firm in the world.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

We get it right the first time to save you the cost of unnecessary changes.

Programming Certainty

We will never, ever change your data format. Unless you ask us.

Customized Calendars

We can create calendars to your precise specifications and personal to your firm.


We obsess about accuracy so you don’t have to.

Flexible Licensing Arrangements

Pay only for the data you need. Cancel at any time. Usage rights that are tailored to the way you operate.


Historical data often going back decades.

Additional Resources

What if I need to personalize a center to my firm's requirements?

We can create synthetic centers that are customized to your needs, no matter how exotic. Most commonly, customers ask us to create combinations of existing centers. For example, days that are either New York or London bank holidays.

What if I need a center that you do not cover?

We will develop the necessary data for you.

How do you treat half-day holidays?

In general, to qualify as a holiday a center must be closed for the entire day. Even if a center is open for just a few minutes, that day is not a holiday. For a limited number of exchanges, we publish as holidays the dates when they are expected to close early. For detailed data pertaining to the session times of exchanges, use our Trading Hours data.

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