Economic Events


Keep current on economic events.

Track release dates and times for hundreds of market-moving activities around the world.

We cover the historic and projected dates for over 500 economic events in 44 countries.

Our Economic Events product can be customized to your specifications. Like all Swaps Monitor’s products, it’s built on the best possible data and includes immediate updates and unlimited customer support from in-house experts.

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Economic Event Types

  • Government debt auctions
  • Monetary policy announcements
  • Energy market reports
  • Economic indicators
  • PMIs

Product Features

  • Official and projected dates and times for all events
  • All times presented in the time zone of your choice
  • Automatic, ongoing updates
  • Flexible delivery methods, file formats and data layouts

“Thanks for always being so prompt.”

- Swaps Monitor Customer


Unrivaled Accuracy

Over 70% of our resources are devoted to research


Historical data often going back decades.

Exceptional Support

Our experts quickly verify dates, help with mappings and answer technical questions.

Easy Implementation

Simple and logical organization of data.

Flexible Licensing Arrangements

Pay only for the data you need. Cancel at any time. Usage rights that are tailored to the way you operate.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

We get it right the first time to save you the cost of unnecessary changes.


We obsess about accuracy so you don’t have to.

Programming Certainty

We will never, ever change your data format. Unless you ask us.

Additional Resources

How do you differentiate between official and projected events?

A one-letter code indicating the status of the associated date(s)/time(s) is provided in the main data file. It contains either “O” (for “official”, meaning that the date(s) and time(s) have been officially announced by the sponsor), “D” (for date-only, meaning that the date(s) but not the time(s) have been officially announced), or “P” (for “projected”, meaning that both the dates(s) and time(s) are our projections based on the sponsor’s practices).

May I order more events in the future?

Yes, at any time. Your contract gives you a guaranteed unit cost and makes it very easy.

What if I need an economic event that you do not cover?

We will develop the necessary data for you.

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