My day-to-day work consists of monitoring countries in Latin America and Europe and answering customer emails to the highest standard.

Feeling appreciated and valued are my favorite aspects of Swaps. Everyone is always ready to jump in and help, and all ideas are listened to and evaluated equally.


Spanish-speaking countries are my main focus. As a member of the customer service team, I strive to deliver unparalleled service to our customers.

Working at Swaps Monitor is a joy because of its diversity. I’m surrounded by different cultures and perspectives that result in enriching collaborations. This is integral to fostering creativity and understanding.


As part of the research and customer service teams, I monitor relevant information to contribute to high-quality data and aim to provide excellent support to our customers.

I am constantly inspired by everyone at Swaps Monitor. All of us value high-quality work and have a mindset of helping each other to ensure success.


I monitor parts of North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. I’m also a member of the data analysis and customer service teams.

I love the variety in my work and the opportunity to have a positive impact on multiple parts of the company.


I research primarily countries in the Asia-Pacific region. I’m also part of the Economic Events team.

My favorite part of working at Swaps Monitor is the way we work as a team and cover for each other. You get to learn something new every day and working with people from different backgrounds makes it a culturally rich experience.


My responsibilities are to ensure that our Holiday data is of the highest quality and to liaise with our customers.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the teams at Swaps Monitor and finding solutions for customers. I take great pride in working for a growing company. It’s a unique working environment, allowing you to think outside the box and thrive through diversity.


I do research and am also part of the business development team.

I love coming up with ideas for improving our service and enhancing the customer’s experience. I believe that everyone at Swaps Monitor contributes to customer service by paying attention to even the most minor details.