I work on improving the accuracy of our data as part of the Economic Events and data analysis teams.

What makes Swaps Monitor a lot of fun is the people – we have a one-office mentality and work as a team. I also like the ‘kaizen’-like approach of continuous improvement.


Helping with the cross-checks that are vital to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our data is the biggest part of my job.

Working at Swaps Monitor gives me the opportunity to interact with, and understand, people from different countries. Sharing knowledge and experience is an integral part of the company culture, which helps me grow exponentially.


I’m part of the data analysis team.

Collecting, analyzing and synthesizing information about the financial markets that I cover is what I like doing the most. I also enjoy working in teams with people from our other offices. Swaps Monitor gives me the opportunity to challenge myself on a daily basis, to enhance my skills, and to become a better version of myself.


I’m responsible for developing and executing Swaps Monitor’s business strategies, for driving our company’s success, and ensuring we are our customers’ best vendor.

The culture of brick-by-brick improvements and learning is at the core of our values and I find myself becoming a better professional and person each day! I love working with a diverse group of people–different backgrounds, different nationalities, and different experiences–coming together to explore new ideas and grow together.


I devote much of my time to improving our Holidays, Trading Hours, and Time Zone data. I am also a team leader, and help with the training of new employees.

For me, the opportunity to learn and grow each day is great motivation. I enjoy keeping up with global events and being surrounded by team members from many different cultures.


I research primarily countries in the Asia-Pacific region. I’m also part of the Economic Events team.

My favorite part of working at Swaps Monitor is the way we work as a team and cover for each other. You get to learn something new every day and working with people from different backgrounds makes it a culturally rich experience.


My research covers Chinese-speaking countries. I also contribute to tool development and ensure that our IT infrastructure works seamlessly.

Challenging myself every day is my favorite aspect of my work. It’s great to collaborate with people who are always willing to help each other and who unite in solving challenges.


I am part of the data analysis team. I use analytical tools to interpret data, discover patterns, and extract insights that help improve the accuracy of our data.

My journey at Swaps Monitor has been full of growth and learning opportunities. What I love the most is that I get to interact with people from many different countries and learn something new about their culture every day.


Improving the accuracy of the Economic Events product is my main competency. I’m also a team leader.

I love the diverse culture at Swaps Monitor and enjoy working in a dynamic environment where I can explore my interests. I’m passionate about research and look forward to learning something new every day.