What is a “financial center”?

A “financial center”, or sometimes just “center”, is our term for an entity whose data we publish. For example, New York bank holidays, Bursa Malaysia trading hours, or German CPI publication times. Each center is identified by a unique three-, four- or five-letter code.

What training do analysts receive?

We run an extensive training program that covers everything an analyst needs to know. This includes

  • How trading works, at both stock and futures exchanges.
  • The plumbing of the financial markets, including central securities depositories and clearing houses.
  • Payment systems.
  • FX markets.
  • Government bond auctions.
  • Cultural and country awareness.
  • Cognitive obstacles, such as confirmation bias.
  • Use of our proprietary tools.

Training begins on day one and takes several years to complete. Thereafter, a program of continuing education keeps knowledge fresh.

What is your research process?

Research is by far the biggest component of our business and is a complex, multi-faceted process. Every one of the 300 million data points that we publish is owned by a research analyst, with support from a secondary owner and many other resources. Responsibilities are assigned on the basis of language, time zone and the requisite skills. All analysts undergo extensive training, both prior to their first responsibilities and thereafter on a continuing basis.