My day-to-day work consists of monitoring countries in Latin America and Europe and answering customer emails to the highest standard.

Feeling appreciated and valued are my favorite aspects of Swaps. Everyone is always ready to jump in and help, and all ideas are listened to and evaluated equally.


I am part of the Holiday and data analysis teams. As part of these teams, I get to leverage my language skills and contribute to our mission of delivering accurate and timely data to our customers.

Swaps Monitor is a great place to learn and develop. I enjoy working on projects that not only use my current skills but also enable me to gain new ones. The dynamic environment allows me to grow both personally and professionally.


Spanish-speaking countries are my main focus. As a member of the customer service team, I strive to deliver unparalleled service to our customers.

Working at Swaps Monitor is a joy because of its diversity. I’m surrounded by different cultures and perspectives that result in enriching collaborations. This is integral to fostering creativity and understanding.


I work on improving the accuracy of our data as part of the Economic Events and data analysis teams.

What makes Swaps Monitor a lot of fun is the people – we have a one-office mentality and work as a team. I also like the ‘kaizen’-like approach of continuous improvement.


Trading Hours and Holidays are the main products I focus on. I also contribute to tool development.

As part of a dedicated team of analysts, I take pride in publishing insights derived from our data. I love Swaps Monitor’s vibrant culture. I also enjoy delving into the intricacies and cycles of various financial products.


I am part of the Holidays and Economic Events teams.

The Swaps Monitor Culture Community (SMCC) is one of my favorite parts of Swaps Monitor. It gives me an opportunity to exert my creative abilities and is a great way to get to know everyone. I enjoy interacting with people across offices and getting insights into different perspectives.


I work on crafting instructional materials for incoming members of the team.

What I admire most about Swaps Monitor is its unwavering dedication to perpetual learning and individual advancement. I also enjoy the camaraderie and collective effort among colleagues to keep growing.


As part of the research and customer service teams, I monitor relevant information to contribute to high-quality data and aim to provide excellent support to our customers.

I am constantly inspired by everyone at Swaps Monitor. All of us value high-quality work and have a mindset of helping each other to ensure success.


I do research on Portuguese-speaking countries. I’m also a member of the culture committee.

I really enjoy exercising my language skills at Swaps Monitor. Being part of an international team is a stimulating and enriching experience. I also enjoy organizing office activities and events that help with team-building.


I gather information for new exchanges and identify patterns for trading hours.

The constant support provided by, and the diversity within the Swaps Monitor team are what I appreciate the most. Especially because it helps when facing challenges related to ensuring data accuracy, and allows us to value the beauty of different languages.