I’m responsible for developing and executing Swaps Monitor’s business strategies, for driving our company’s success, and ensuring we are our customers’ best vendor.

The culture of brick-by-brick improvements and learning is at the core of our values and I find myself becoming a better professional and person each day! I love working with a diverse group of people–different backgrounds, different nationalities, and different experiences–coming together to explore new ideas and grow together.


I oversee the day-to-day operations and help the company set and achieve its strategic objectives.

Working at Swaps Monitor has inspired me to be a better professional and uphold the highest standards in everything I do. What I like most is working alongside incredibly talented, helpful, encouraging and collegial high performers from whom I learn daily.


My role is to oversee the company’s IT infrastructure, application development, and operations. I empower our research and operations teams with the right tools and resources, thereby helping the company fulfill its mission of providing the most accurate, timely, and reliable data humanly possible.

What I most enjoy about Swaps Monitor are the people (I’ve learned so much personally and professionally from my colleagues) and the opportunity for everyone to make an impact.


Ensuring that Swaps Monitor continues to flourish while remaining true to our constitution is my remit.

I love the challenges involved in building and maintaining a successful business. I take great pride in the quality of our data and in everyone who is thriving here.