As part of the research and customer service teams, I monitor relevant information to contribute to high-quality data and aim to provide excellent support to our customers.

I am constantly inspired by everyone at Swaps Monitor. All of us value high-quality work and have a mindset of helping each other to ensure success.


I monitor daily developments for countries to ensure that our customers have the most up-to-date data.

My work encourages me to take a global perspective and enables me to stay well-informed about financial products. I also appreciate that the company gives everyone the opportunity to develop the habits and skills necessary to succeed in their careers.


My role is separated into two parts: research and data analysis.

The work at Swaps Monitor is always challenging and there are always new things to learn. I enjoy using my skills in ways which will benefit our customers.


My role is to oversee the company’s IT infrastructure, application development, and operations. I empower our research and operations teams with the right tools and resources, thereby helping the company fulfill its mission of providing the most accurate, timely, and reliable data humanly possible.

What I most enjoy about Swaps Monitor are the people (I’ve learned so much personally and professionally from my colleagues) and the opportunity for everyone to make an impact.