I monitor daily developments for countries to ensure that our customers have the most up-to-date data.

My work encourages me to take a global perspective and enables me to stay well-informed about financial products. I also appreciate that the company gives everyone the opportunity to develop the habits and skills necessary to succeed in their careers.


I dedicate a significant portion of my time to researching Economic Events.

At Swaps Monitor, I enjoy the collaborative environment and the opportunity to delve into challenging tasks daily. Being part of such a dynamic and successful team is immensely fulfilling, and I take pride in contributing to our success.


I develop and maintain the tools used by Swaps Monitor employees to help them work efficiently and stay organized. I’m also a member of the culture committee and a team leader.

Working at Swaps Monitor is rewarding and refreshing. I’m proud to work for a company where hard work is appreciated and employees are encouraged to expand their knowledge.


I build and maintain tools that help our analysts work as efficiently as possible.

The feeling of being a part of a family is wonderful. Everyone truly cares about each other and is willing to help both professionally and personally. I’m proud to be part of such a talented, fun and motivated team that is dedicated to making an impact.


Mainly, I focus on US exchanges. I’m also a member of the culture committee.

Each day is a new learning experience. I’ve always felt supported by a team willing to help and share knowledge. I take great pride in our work and am grateful to be part of such a successful business.


My research covers Chinese-speaking countries. I also contribute to tool development and ensure that our IT infrastructure works seamlessly.

Challenging myself every day is my favorite aspect of my work. It’s great to collaborate with people who are always willing to help each other and who unite in solving challenges.


My role is to oversee the company’s IT infrastructure, application development, and operations. I empower our research and operations teams with the right tools and resources, thereby helping the company fulfill its mission of providing the most accurate, timely, and reliable data humanly possible.

What I most enjoy about Swaps Monitor are the people (I’ve learned so much personally and professionally from my colleagues) and the opportunity for everyone to make an impact.

Chi Yeung

I help lead our IT operations.

What’s great about tech at Swaps Monitor is that the tools we build never go to waste – they are useful to, and used by, all our teams around the world. I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that the solutions we create make our colleagues’ lives easier and enable them to do their jobs more effectively.


I work on the Trading Hours, Expiry Dates and Economic Events products, ensuring the high quality of our data. I’m also a team leader.

Since joining the team in 2018, my responsibilities and knowledge have grown enormously. Knowing that I make a difference, coupled with the challenging and congenial work environment, drives me to do better each day.